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Here are the steps you need to follow to use this approach, assuming you have the necessary access:.

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Actual snow leopards may be endangered, but installer discs went extinct with Apple provides a support document with more details, along with instructions for Mac OS X Use the Recovery Partition — Starting with To reset the administrator password when running Lion or later:. Doing so relies on having access to the email address associated with your Apple ID; if that email account could be compromised, allowing the administrator password to be reset by the Apple ID might provide a way that the physical security of your Mac could be attacked.

One quirk. If you upgraded from Read this Apple support document for more information about FileVault. No Excuse for a Lost Password — Regardless of how or why an administrator password has been lost or forgotten, there are a variety of techniques that you can use to reset it and regain full access to a Mac.

Reset Admin Password MacBook Air Without Administrator Password - Forgot Mac Admin Password

Interesting - I hadn't run across that one before. It looks like it creates a new user account as well, though, so it would be good mostly in a situation where you didn't care about the files in the account whose password has been lost. I've always used it for pre-Lion systems where the client had forgotten their login password. Create a new, temp admin account. Use it to remove the other account's password.

Remove the temp account.

Reset Forgotten Admin & Standard User Password macOS and OSX

As a result, resetting the password for an admin account means that you can no longer access the keychain for that account. After resetting the admin password and logging in again, you will likely receive an alert that macOS was unable to unlock your login keychain.

Click Create New Keychain to start fresh. As you can see, there are a variety of ways that you can reset a lost or forgotten admin password and regain access to a Mac, although they all depend on knowing either another admin password or an Apple ID password. And of course, make sure to keep regular backups, which can help you recover from a multitude of sins.

Five Ways to Reset a Lost Administrator Password

The Terminal version appears to be different—and more secure—than with previous versions of macOS. Heretofore the password assistant merely required you to select an account and you could create a new password. As well, when you logged in the the new password you could convert the old keychain if you remembered the old password. Which might not be a bad idea if you want to delete accumulated chuff: High Sierra seems a bit harder to get in to.

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Thanks for the article. Is there a way to reset the keychain password without losing all the stored info?

Reset the Password from Another Admin Account

I know admin user account and keychain passwords, but they are no the same I changed admin account password several OS versions ago but that change never happened to keychain password. Is the keychain password machine specific?

Boot into Recovery Partition

Yes, you can use Keychain Access. Photo by Masaaki Komori. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit.