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He adds that Trang charged a plane ticket to fly to New York for her initiation into the group, bought a flute because Ching Hai played the instrument, decorated her room with Ching Hai posters, and got plastic surgery and breast implants because Ching Hai had supposedly undergone the same operations. Trang also became a "fanatic vegetarian," Krysiak says. It was lucky that they were so Americanized that they had to have their McDonald's. Trang was not so lucky. And when Trang cut out her fish, she got thyroid disease.

She had to go twice for radioactive thyroid treatment, and they killed a little bit too much thyroid. Now she has to take thyroid [medication] for the rest of her life. Even after the illness, the Ching Hai group won the tug-of-war for Trang. Krysiak moved to San Jose to get away from the memories of Trang only to see the Ching Hai restaurant open a few blocks from his house. Krysiak returned home to find he had locked himself out of his house. He laughed. He said, 'In Vietnamese community, there are two causes for divorce: Bay , and Ching Hai. Ching Hai may be a recognizable figure to some in the Asian community, but despite her restaurants, approximately , followers, and contact persons in 37 countries, the mainstream press seems almost completely unaware of her existence.

Even most cult experts knew nothing or little about her. The only readily available material on Ching Hai comes from her own literature and the numerous sites that line the World Wide Web, which usually offer little more than color photos of the Master and suspiciously favorable interviews by foreign journalists. A tireless publicity seeker, Ching Hai never misses an opportunity to gain credibility and clout for her organization.

She often claims to have been invited to the conspicuously prestigious locations for her lectures--Georgetown University, UCLA and the United Nations buildings in Geneva and New York--but rarely says by whom. She also claims that seven United States governors proclaimed Feb.

Ching Hai's attempts in to help the Vietnamese refugees in Hong Kong remain a feather in the leader's cap, though they apparently failed. In Taiwan, the story goes, Ching Hai even set up two front organizations to bestow awards upon her in a public ceremony, and successfully persuaded a baffled United States official to pose as the president of one.

Ching Hai's knack for self-promotion shines in her official biography, which reads more like a hagiography. In it, Ching Hai appears as a "rare and noble child" who taught herself philosophy at an early age and cried at the sight of slaughtered animals.

Chỉ đơn giản là trình phát đa phương tiện tốt nhất

The prophecies of clairvoyants back up Ching Hai's claims to gurudom: The rest of the biography is a paean to the Master's humility, humanitarian efforts and impressive output of saleable products. Entertaining though this mishmash of religious mythology, Eastern folklore and public- relations razzle-dazzle may be, it's rather less interesting than the story of Ching Hai revealed in the thesis of UC-Berkeley graduate Eric Lai.

The daughter of a Vietnamese mother and an ethnic Chinese father, Trinh reportedly hung out with American soldiers as a teenager, and bore one a daughter. At 19, during the height of the Vietnam War, Trinh left home with a German doctor working for an international relief organization.

Trinh's daughter later killed herself at Trinh married the doctor, and the couple moved first to Britain and then to Germany. There, in , she met a Buddhist monk whom she followed for three years until she was denied entrance to his monastery on the basis of gender. Trinh then moved to India to study Buddhism. It was here that she became a prize pupil of Thakar Singh, who had just splintered off from a Buddhist order, Radhasoami, to form his own sect, Kirpal Light Satsang.

According to Lane's findings: But by the time Singh's crimes came to light, Ching Hai had already learned from him the "light and sound" meditation technique, and had left for Taiwan. Lai's research revealed that in Taiwan, in , Trinh studied with a Buddhist nun named Xing-jing. Unaware of her association with Singh, Xing-jing officially ordained Trinh in the order and gave her the religious name "Ching Hai," which translates from Mandarin as "pure ocean.

She taught meditation, and meditated herself for up to four hours a day. One former colleague told Lai, "We were all impressed by her devotion and sincerity. Returning to Taiwan in , Ching Hai lured followers away from her former master, Xing-jing, and set up a makeshift temple in an apartment in the Taipei suburbs. Rumors about her prophetic abilities and unique meditation methods earned her a large following, and by posters of Ching Hai appeared all over Taipei.

By the time the Taiwanese Buddhist community learned of Ching Hai's past connection to the disgraced Satsang cult, it was too late. The new Messiah had been born. And now she is among us in San Jose. Her arrival is a rare and momentous occasion which her followers have been anticipating since her last appearance here in For new initiates personally selected by Ching Hai through their written applications and photos their only contact with the Master has been through the literature and videos available in the restaurant's library.

Perhaps a fortunate few have been able to channel her as promised. Now, however, they will be able to see and hear her in person. Some may even be touched by her. Cries of adoration greet Ching Hai when she appears in the portals of Gate A8. As she walks, her path is strewn with flowers, prostrate bodies and outstretched hands. She smiles modestly. Once outside, she is escorted into the back seat of a black Isuzu Trooper. She waves to the undulating crowd as the car speeds away, heading for the nearby Red Lion Hotel. For the next hour, the short-term parking lot of the San Jose Airport is jammed with cars heading for the exit to follow her.

On the stage is an assortment of pillows on a white chair. The person audience chatters happily until an announcer approaches the microphone. Within two seconds, the room grows completely silent. Upon the request of a yellow-ribboned official, a fussing newborn is whisked through the doors by its mother.

For the next hour, the only sounds in the Fir Room are the microphone tests and the setting up of several video cameras and klieg lights. When Ching Hai enters the room, the crowd stands and applauds. She walks under an arch of party balloons strung together by multicolored ribbons and down the center aisle toward the stage, stopping now and then to direct a smile at a lucky follower who inevitably convulses with delight. She takes the stage, soaking up the adoration and barely able to conceal her pleasure.

She begins her talk with phrases that are alternately humble and self-congratulatory: I don't know if I'm good enough for you. After a long and tortuous lecture, Ching Hai takes questions from the audience, even answering once or twice in Mandarin. Soon, it will get easier. The crowd applauds. Later, Ching Hai gets flustered by a more difficult question. A young medical student wants to know if the Master condones euthanasia. She paces the stage. What's that for? Before the student can answer, she sighs crabbily.

Why am I responsible for all the countries? So it's hard for me to tell you which one to kill and which one not," she says. Laughter erupts from the crowd, and then applause. Ching Hai wraps up her talk well after midnight. She makes her last rounds through the audience, touching a head here, smiling beatifically there. A black man in African garb shrinks in his seat as she passes, his hands clasped together in worship, sobbing in great gasps, looking into the Master's face while tears stream down his.

Ching Hai chortles as she passes him, and stops to poke her green umbrella at him, which he fondles gratefully. I have stayed only because I want to arrange for a private interview with the Master. When I find Millar, she says she will see about it--and within seconds, I find myself sitting in a chair face to face with the Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Our knees are almost touching. Six hundred pairs of eyes are riveted to us, several men hold microphones less than an inch from my nose, and every video camera and flood light in the house bears down upon me and the Master. With sweat already soaking through my shirt, I begin asking questions. Ching Hai tells me her organization is "rather big," with "a lot of centers around the world or 50 countries. My next question--about funding--is answered with much humility. Though she calmly explains that the sales of clothing and jewelry accounts for most of her money, she adds, "We don't really need that much.

She claims, as does Millar, that she and her followers sleep in plastic tents. Use tents. Plastic cheap. We live very simple. We eat vegetarian. Ching Hai shakes her head. God gives it to me. Neither of us seem to take this answer seriously--but I write it down anyway. According to Millar, the Master's clothing and jewelry are "very expensive, but it's very high quality. God has certainly been kind to Ching Hai: My last question to the Master concerns a woman who had earlier stood to proclaim to Ching Hai, "The world has waited thousands of years for you.

I find it hard to concentrate on her words, and stop writing momentarily. The interview is done, and the Master and I shake hands. Long after she has retired to her room, groups of disciples hang around in the lobby to touch the arm of the journalist who shook hands with the Master. It occurs to me that I may now be seen on a videotape in the Ching Hai library: Our words may end up on a Web site, or in the Suma Ching Hai magazine, or condensed into an aphorism in a book.

Against my will, I had become another prop in Ching Hai's magic show. Like the followers milling about me, I had stepped into the light and sound of the Master. From the March April 3, issue of Metro This page was designed and created by the Boulevards team.

Much Ado: Clinton's legal defense fund returned donations received from the Supreme Master's followers. The mysterious, Vietnamese-born "Supreme Master" spoke to of her followers, mostly recent Taiwanese and Chinese immigrants, on the "key to immediate enlightenment" at the San Jose Red Lion Hotel. As it turns out, the self-proclaimed Buddhist messiah may have given out some political advice at the same time.

The very next day, in Washington, D. And according to group investigator Loren Berger, many of the personal checks, cashier's checks and money orders under scrutiny actually came from San Jose, where Suma Ching Hai has one of her largest followings outside of Taiwan. Just last Tuesday, Michael Cardozo, executive director of the legal defense fund, announced that the contributions had been returned, much to the dismay of local followers.

The reason given by Cardozo was that the donations looked suspicious: Money orders supposedly given by people in different cities had sequential numbers, while some checks were written in identical handwriting. The xenophobic reaction of the Clinton trust, driven by scandal attack dogs in Congress, has angered some local Ching Hai followers who say they're just trying to support the president.

Local Ching Hai representative Pamela Millar of Palo Alto tells Eye that members of the group pooled their checks after Suma Ching Hai suggested sending a donation to the fund "if you want to help the president. She stresses that "Master" Suma Ching Hai never directly told her followers to send money. Millar's check was among the ones returned en masse by Cardozo with a letter questioning the source of the money.

I don't know why it should be a scandal," she adds. Another representative of Ching Hai, David Bui of San Jose, says that support for the president is widespread in the group. Ching Hai's organization derives most of its income selling to its followers thousands of videos, CDs, magazines and tapes--all bearing the image of the Master, smiling crookedly due to a slightly paralyzed cheek. Santa Clara streets, where David Bui works. This week Metro fielded calls from national press scrambling to get a fix on the elusive Suma Ching Hai and her flock, as yet unreported by the mainstream press.

The SJ Merc might have had little to add on the subject had it not tapped the expertise of normally byline-less former Metro managing editor Steve Buel, who some people may think has fallen into a black hole but actually now helps hold down the Merc's city desk and was credited at the end of the Post pickup as having "contributed to this report.

Write again soon! The Washington Post on Clinton's knowledge of the fishy campaign funds. Mother Jones says Charles Trie is number on its list of the top campaign contributors. Mother Jones writer L. Davis says Clinton's Indonesian money scandal may be the real thing. Controversial characters and groups keep trying to use the Sept. Last month, the Church of Scientology raised eyebrows when victims were told to call the group for mental heath counseling. Now, sources say, a woman who has been called a cult leader has been trying very hard to give major donations to charities benefiting the victims of the terrorist attacks as well as Afghan refugees.

The red-faced president returned the check. Lately, sources say Suma Ching Hai's reps have been working the phones hoping to give big money to major charities, including Unicef and the American Red Cross. A spokeswoman for Unicef says the organization doesn't comment on donors or potential donors. A spokeswoman for the American Red Cross said she knows nothing of the donations. If they turn out to be true, we will consider returning the donations. Suma Ching Hai, a Taiwan-based guru who calls herself Supreme Master, gets her income from a chain of vegetarian restaurants run by her followers, who also buy her overpriced tapes and videos.

The red-faced Prez promptly returned his check from the messianic mystic. Ching Hai evidently viewed the Sept. On Monday, msnbc. She tried to fly under the radar. Sources say she used that m. It was clear she was in it for publicity. I find the local offices of the International association of the Supreme Master of the Universe in a squat warehouse in a rather sad-looking industrial section of El Monte. An attractive blond on the far side of 40, she deposits me in a conference room amid blown-up photographs of Supreme Master Ching Hai with Martin Sheen and Swoosie Kurtz, another with Debbie Reynolds, taken at a "One World.

After several minutes, Hudson and a small Vietnamese woman join me. I ask Hudson about the press kit she'd sent promoting Ching Hai's works. It looked like an evening line for Far East Barbie. That's part of World Peace Media. I was like, 'Oh my god, she is so enlightened. I tell her I can roll it, thanks. As Hudson goes on to say that she studied world religions for 21 years but did not find "inner peace" until she began practicing Quan Yin meditation for two and a half hours a day, as she compares Ching Hai to Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, Vo continues to stare at me.

I get the distinct feeling that, while Hudson has invited me here, it's Vo who understands what's behind the curtain, and is waiting to decide how much I need to know and how I will learn it. Not that I haven't already learned a little. A quick online search yields more than 30, sites mentioning Ching Hai. Her many official sites, such as Godsimmediatecontact. Born in Vietnam in , from girlhood she helped the poor and needy, actuating her higher calling with a years-long mission in the Himalayas, where she studied under a "great master" and learned the meditation technique called Quan Yin, which focuses on light and sound.

Having found enlightenment, she has for two decades ministered to the crises of the world, accepting absolutely not one penny from her followers, who are mostly from Asia, and who are said to number in the millions. There are also less reverent portraits, online and in print: A "cult watch" site suggests that "Ching Hai evidently viewed the September 11 atrocity as an opportunity to legitimize herself, and soon had her devotees working the phones to various charities. She had a child by an American soldier before she was 19, a daughter who later committed suicide.

She claims to be the reincarnated Buddha and Jesus Christ, and followers are said to be so obsessed with their leader that they drink her bath water. As a second course of hot-and-sour soup arrives, I ask Vo how long she's been associated with Ching Hai. I came to America in ," she says.

I ask if they know how Ching Hai raises the millions she gives away. Basically, that's it. The people, the so-called disciples, if they want to pitch in and help with disaster relief, sometimes we gather a lump sum and give it to them. Well, usually we don't accept donation, unless there is a critical disaster or whatnot happening.

We have c3, tax-exempt, so we gather the whole thing and give it that way. But she doesn't accept any donations, like personal, so she can build a house, no, there's no such thing as that. She's more than happy just living in a tent. She's very humble. I tell Vo it must be hard for Ching Hai to live in a tent with her tremendous wardrobe. As evidenced by hundreds of photographs on the Web and in her magazines and videos, she rarely wears the same thing twice: Here she's in a fuchsia silk tunic, beatific at her easel; there in a saffron-colored monk's robe, with hair shorn; in a hot-pink velvet bodice and hair extensions, giggling at a Moon festival in Florida; in outrageously elaborate Siamese princess regalia, complete with golden headpiece.

So she started growing hair and putting on makeup and start design her own clothes, and everyone start loving that. They say, 'See, finding God means choose beauty and virtues, we don't have to renounce the world and look bald. And she does that to relate to all the different essences in each and every human being. They'll do that -- it's really not about the money. I tell them I appreciate how nice it would be to give the stuff away, yet if Ching Hai is funding hundreds of relief efforts, the money has to come from somewhere. When I ask if I can have a catalog, both Hudson and Vo are silent.

Do they, perhaps, have a catalog I can lookat? She believes God is love and God should give things to the children instead of taking things from the children. I mention that my daughter likes these pears, and ask if their non-religion is ever accused of being a cult. They say, 'How come I hear such and such? This is really about the simplicity, because that's really where that happiness is. I want to cry when I think of that, because that is what she taught me so much.

I am very in awe, but I am. I want to be. I rule the world! I'm also the head of entertainment here," says Hudson. I'm a producer and a writer and an actress, I have my own companies, but I also do their weekly show. We just want to ask you maybe a few questions, whatever. I find myself in a studio that is the opposite of spontaneous. There's a raised stage, with two chairs set up; cameramen and sound people; and a line of smiling, nodding Asian men pointing still cameras at me. The sound of mechanical chirping fills the room as Vo tries to get me to sit in the guest's chair.

I decline, despite the encouragement of a dozen people, including the chef, Nancy, who Vo tells me has flown in from Texas, and who wears a locket holding a photo of Ching Hai. I ask her if she made it. We take you down there. They have never realized that some people have that much love and dedication to the work.

The men with still cameras motion for Vo and Hudson to stand close beside me, and then begin taking our pictures. I smile stiffly; I've been here over three hours. I tell Hudson and Vo I really need to leave. I thank them for the materials, but tell them I cannot accept the food, as it might be construed as their encouraging a positive write-up. Vo's face clouds over, either because she's truly wounded I would make such a supposition, or -- and to my eye -- because this is precisely what she's hoping for. The desire to flee trumps journalistic ethics, and I grab the bags and push open the door with my butt.

The women follow me into the street. It may be paranoia, but I don't want them to know which car is mine, and make a show of jangling my keys next to someone else's beater station wagon. I thank them for their time, and after a protracted goodbye, they go back inside, though not before Hudson tells me to check out her own Web site.

There are many items for sale, including several dozen boudoir shots of Hudson; an assortment of Queen Kathryn products, such as Fudge Fatale candy and Sacred perfume; and Queen Kathryn, the Movie , starring Hudson in a gold Xena-like outfit. The synopsis explains that Queen Kathryn hails from the planet Nebaron, is raised by the Yodecian tribe in the Himalayas, and opens Starshine Dance Studios in Los Angeles, from where she and a "harem of young girls" fight the evil force known as Gregorian Mansoon, whose "mission is to turn the people of L.

Not me. I followed the "method" of "Suma Ching Hai" for a while, three or four years ago, before leaving because I saw no point in continuing to waste time on a method that seemed fictional. There is no evidence of a mantra in this group because nothing is written. The first few times you meditate, you are instructed to repeat "Suma Ching Hai" internally for 30 minutes a day.

You are advised to give up meat, fish and eggs and all intoxicants.

Mặc lại nguyên set đồ của Hà Hồ, nhưng chỉ vì chi tiết này mà rõ bộ cánh của Min đúng là đồ mượn

You are, they hope, fully vegetarian by this time. You are also told how to meditate on "light and sound", by concentrating on the "third eye," which is supposedly in the region of the pineal gland, between the eyebrows, and also by blocking your ears and listening to the celestial sounds within. These can be the sound of bells or other "heavenly music". I would not know: I heard nothing and "saw" nothing. You are told of "brilliant light", although sharing experiences is discouraged, because not everyone is the same. You are also asked to cover yourself with a sheet or blanket, so no one can see you even when meditating in a group of fellow "disciples.

I have no idea how to spell these, of course, since it is all passed on orally. You are told never to repeat these "names" aloud and, of course, never to tell anyone else about them. Does that mean I am now officially a "sinner" in the eyes of Ching Hai devotees? I have four children and work as well. Also, the books and other paraphernalia were over-priced.

The books and tapes could be borrowed if you liked, and once you were an official follower, you had an ID card, with your photo on. This was to be carried with you, although no one ever asked me for it. You need never give any money at all, if you did not want to. There was no pressure at all in my Sussex group in England and everyone seemed very pleasant.

I never came to any harm from Ching Hai or her following. Meditation made me calmer, but sitting on your bum thinking of very little is bound to calm you down anyway! I did once see Ching Hai, in London. She was a small woman, dressed in very plain clothes and with an incredible amount of charisma. She talked for a while and then invited questions. I asked one and was impressed by her direct manner and down-to-earth, practical reply. She had a way of looking in your eyes, as if she knew you completely. I cannot describe it more exactly than that, but there was definitely some power there, despite her slight physical frame.

You have heard of ancient masters of the east, enlightened masters, perfect masters, now there is a supreme master among us. Every several years a new-enlightened master comes on the scene to share their so-called spiritual wisdom with the world. It is more rare to see a woman in this position, but there have been a number of women over the years. Originally born in Au Lac, Vietnam she spent much of her adult life in Taiwan.

Ching Hai was brought up as a Catholic by her parents, but learned the basics of Buddhism from her grandmother. Her father was a highly respected Naturopath who loved to study world literature and was especially interested in philosophy. This along with other spiritual influences molded her to what she is today.

When she was young she disliked when someone would harm plants. She has been known often to take a wounded animal home, to care for it. If she saw an animal slaughtered, she would cry. All her life she's been repulsed by the sight of killing animals for meat and wishing that she could prevent the suffering in the world. She has always been a vegetarian. Her appeal is to bring peace to all brothers and sisters, which is done by her meditation technique and prayer. Master Ching Hai went on the road at an early age to seek knowledge. She left home at 22 to study in England, and then went to France and Germany, where she worked for the Red Cross as an interpreter.

At 30, she met and married a German physician, and after two years of marriage, with her husband's consent, they separated. She left the marriage in her continuing pursuit of enlightenment. Fulfilling an ideal that had been with her since Her childhood. She became a Buddhist nun and pursued enlightenment in India.

Although her disciples seem to know all about this and accept her story, others are a bit skeptical. Calling herself shy in nature, she kept this treasure she found hidden Quan Yin Method. After she returned from the Himalayas she then began to teach this initiation to others at the earnest request of those people who sought her instruction and initiation.

It was through the insistent requests and efforts of Her earlier disciples in Formosa Taiwan and United States that Master Ching Hai now lectures throughout the world. She has initiated multiplied tens of thousands of spiritual aspirants using the Quan Yin method. A letter I received from someone who knows eastern religion wrote on her meditation practice: Her immediate master was Thakar Singh, a well known Sant Mat master. In the early days Ching Hai acknowledged Thakar Singh as her spiritual master but later denied him and invented the tale of descending from the Himalayas.

What gives her away is the fact that her method is identical to Sant Mat: Ching-Hai shares the method with others, encouraging them to look within to find their own greatness and source of strength. People from all walks of life use the Quan-yin method of meditation. It is offered for people to attain fulfillment, happiness and peace in their daily lives. This Word is the Inner Sound. This inner melody can heal all wounds, fulfill all desires, and quench all worldly thirst.

She offers this by claiming seeing the Light of God is believing. The Word is an eternal person who is God, not a sound. All one needs to do is read the next verse that says He was in the beginning with God. John then says in v. To those who do not know Christianity this will not make sense, but suffice it to say that what Ching Hai is teaching is her own unique spin on something that has been taught for almost 2, years.

In the same way Sant Mat did when he reinterpreted John 1: In other words, you go inside yourself and with this meditation technique you find out you are God. Where have we heard this teaching before? The God is not a sound, like aum God is personal.

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This is not the same Word or Holy Spirit the Bible teaches about. She cautions the technique should be learned properly and practiced correctly as there is danger of focusing on any chakras or centres of energy without proper guidance. Of course she is offering that guidance. What does this mean? Is this a bad or good sign? During her initiation service http: Of course this would be superior; since she is the living master on earth now, they are not. You can call it whatever you like but it really is the same thing we have heard from the many gurus before her.

Các liên kết nhanh

It may be a different name and a different approach but it leads to the same goal; You are God. As with any type of group seeking enlightenment we would get a different story from those who were inside after they come out. She has a sense of humor and can at times can be found laughing at her own jokes that are both good and bad.

She seems to have an uncontrollable twitch in her nose and eyes mouth, and her facial expressions contort at times. Her left cheek is slightly paralyzed which gives her a sly grin at times. This is said to be the result of surgery that partially paralyzed the left side of her face. I find this interesting that a master went to have surgery, maybe this was before she found herself to be God. In the tradition of gurus they lay flowers at her feet and on stage at her lectures.

She is sometimes surrounds herself on stage from those in the audience. One time I noticed the man she asked to sit next to her was very uncomfortable and certainly did not hold to her teachings. She made him very distressed insisting on having him sit next to her for support as she lectured. Her teachings combine shreds of truth Consisting of sayings from Bhagavad Gita, Surangama Sutra, The Bible and various other religious books.

Just about any religious book she is familiar with becomes putty in her hands. Using a certain type of logic, humor and sharing her experiences, various religious teachings are blended and accepted in her portrayal. The most referred to that I have heard from her lectures is Christ. However it really is the opposite if one listens carefully to the punch line. Her religion is known as everything, but not any one thing.

She explains that the peace and love we seek, we already have within ourselves. Her trek down from the Himalayan mountains to civilization is to tell us to look within for our answers. So knowing self is the answer to all our problems. We are told the future is in our own hands, it is our choice. We only need discover it by her method. There is no mystery about how to know God. Even children can have the experience of God. Exactly the experience that written in the Bible. Is it? Where did anyone teach to look within for self in the Bible to find God?

The followers say the initiation into the Quan Yin Method is not a ceremony for entering a new religion. How does one know the Quan Yin method is the right one for them. She suggests to pray to your Inner Self, to God, to Jesus, to Allah, to Buddha, to whoever you believe, to help you to decide. How do you pray to someone or something that may not exist? This has always been the essence of occult enlightenment. She has 5 precepts one is to practice, which requires a vegan or lacto-vegetarian diet with no meat.

As strict vegetarians you are to refrain from taking the life of sentient beings. If they have difficulty with this, there is another alternative: She wants her adherents to be comfortable in transitioning over to this new way of life. You are also to give up stealing, lying, only speak what is true. They are not to use intoxicants, and no sexual misconduct. These are all good as far as learning morals and ethics. But they do not justify what she is actually teaching. She describes herself as a living chosen pole. She transmits the enlightenment.

She says she could talk about it for years but the real thing is transmitted. She says she is not a prophet she is teaching the people that they are. She states the method cannot be communicated with word but by experience through a different level of consciousness. In being questioned about this method: How does the transmission take place?

If you want to know, you stay behind, and after the conference we show you. No talk, no language to describe that. It needs a living transmission. It means the consciousness of the teacher and the disciple will be connected, and the goal in Quan Yin is when one attains the highest level practice, then one becomes like Bodhisattva a Quan Yin Bodhisattva who is able to hear and see everything.

By this they can help people in different corners of the universe, without having be there and without knowing their names or person. She states this is the goal of every follower of different religions, to become omnipresent, to become a source of blessing for all the suffering beings. I doubt many other religions would agree on this being the goal, neither Islam, Hinduism teach this. For example in Christianity there is no such thing as we become omnipresent, only God has this ability and it is clear man is not God but a creature.

She has no initiation fees or collection from disciples. Both people and money are attracted to her; money seems to find by what she offers her followers and seekers. This includes paintings, music, poetry, aesthetic jewelry, clothing and designs. All of these express the inner and outer beauty of the cultures and people she has met in her travels. The sales of all her artistic endeavors have enabled Master Ching-Hai to create an independent source of funding for humanitarian activities, highlighting her pragmatic view that we should always try and create our own means from which to give to others.

She has designed a flamboyant clothing line started in consisting of flowing silks in bright colors, elaborate hats, with custom-made umbrellas as her trademark. Her creations toured on the international fashion circuit, debuted on runways in London, Paris, Milan and New York. The supreme master seems to have taken an economic course in college as she is marketing a line of merchandise. Is she a Christ or a modern Buddha? Is she a Buddha? Hardly, as a Buddha she does not ask anyone to give up the things in the world.

How can she when she herself is promoting them. She explains that we are all born into this world of Maya, of illusion but she herself is certainly enjoying the ride. Money, prestige, prominence are all hers as the Supreme master. Enlightenment may be offered as free to her meditators but it does cost something and is highly commercialized. The greater portion of her financial support comes from Taiwan, Supreme Master Meditation Centers have incorporated in several states as religious organizations with tax-exempt status.

Master Ching-Hai is well received in many countries. She has received awards worldwide by government officials and private organizations on various occasions. Ching Hai has been recognized and honored for Her humanitarian work by government officials throughout the world.

Many government officials worldwide sent congratulatory messages to the Chicago ceremony by, including Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Reagan. The secular press seems to be unaware of her existence, and counter cult ministries have not taken much notice about her either. There are close to 60 web sites in various languages of the world presenting Ching Hai and her the Quan Yin method of meditation.

Some have lost their spouses to the Ching Hai organization. She also is not short on other talents being a painter and poet. She is also a fashion designer, publishes a magazine, produces music videos, and is a beauty makeover consultant. According to most of her followers, Ching Hai is not only a saintly philanthropist who took the Vietnamese refugees in Hong Kong under her wing, she is also the living Buddha and Jesus Christ -- Ching Hai is God incarnate.

In the 21st century it can really pay well to be a supreme master, yes, even God has goals, ideas, dreams and a business mind, and not least of all a bank account.

Redux là gì ?

Her gatherings are mostly question and answers on spiritual matters besides her lectures. Numerous people who are inquisitive or searching for answers to life show up at her discourses. They are basically the same questions and same answers from her no matter which country she is in. At times she seems stable and at other times she chuckles and even laughs at people's questions. She mocks their intelligence at times and shows a cunning that is unique. Her answering questions from those who inquire about her spirituality becomes even more interesting than her teaching to convince people of her Quan Yin method of meditation.

She claims the real teaching is not found in any religious scripture but from inside ourselves. Whatever Jesus says is correct only when he was alive to his disciples. One eats, or the other cannot be filled. One person eats, other person cannot eat. We have to eat ourselves. She says the Buddha said the Buddha is inside yourself, you are the Buddha.

Jesus said God is inside you that means you are God. She tries to awaken the great wisdom that is found within you. You are God, however I have yet to hear anyone explain in detail how they have created and sustain the universe. In other words He meant that He, being the king and the source of everything, was among them. He did not mean this same kingdom dwelt in every human being, for He said we are sinners, and He, himself was without any sin.

He was from above and we are from beneath, He made a clear distinction between us, and Himself; being the one TRUE God come in human flesh. Ching Hai certainly denies this, showing she does not understand even the most basic teaching of Christ, yet she has no qualms using his name or sayings as she pleases. But what she says about Jesus is not true; as Jesus said His word is truth and it is eternal; that heaven and earth would pass away but His Word truth would remain forever.

But do not wait for the Messiah, because He comes all the time. Pray that you recognize the present Messiah. The one that you are waiting for will never come, if you expect Him the way you do. Just like when Jesus came, people were also expecting a Messiah and they killed the one at hand! We do all the same stupid things.

Even Jesus promised to send us a comforter, that means someone that is equal to Him, no? But two thousand years later, we are still waiting and many prophets came and left the earth. We hear that Jesus will reappear, right? How do you think He will look, with wings, with a beard, or on a cross so that we may recognize Him? How could we recognize Him, if He would come? We do not even know what Jesus looked like! Jesus comes not in appearance but in spirit. He can come to anyone who is perceptive enough, who opens the right door to let Him in.

Then we become like Jesus, then He comes back again. He comes whenever we are ready. He comes through any Master who is capable to house His almighty power. That person is also Jesus, different hair style maybe, but it is still Jesus. This mocking answer of all that Christ said shows someone who cares not what the Scripture says. Jesus told us that He would come again a certain way, the same way He left Acts 1: I believe that Jesus will come back. If this is true, how shall I behave? Her answer: One wonders if she ever understood the Catholicism that she was supposedly brought up in to state such a foreign statement.

Especially, one who claims to be God, they should have accurate knowledge on other religions as well. She does not. Her spiritual discourses are filled with words that sound wonderful to all. I dream that all the killing will stop. I dream that all the children will walk in peace and harmony. I dream that all the nations shake hands with each other, protect each other and help each other. I dream that our beautiful planet will not be destroyed.

I dream that it will continue, but in peace, beauty and love. This may be the dream of many others beside herself, but it is quite a contradiction to teach people they are God and then dream for something to happen. What kind of God is this that has no influence on the world? That dreams for things to happen. It makes sense when one understands that maya, means an illusion, that none of this is real and can be reshaped to what we want it to be.

One is a theory that we read the Bible, we become pious, we keep the commandments of God, and we fast, we become good person, we help one another. That is one way. There is another way. The spiritual way is much, much deeper. The spiritual way is the way we can contact directly to God and tell him everything that we want to tell, and he will tell us how we going to solve the problems. He is going to bless us so that our lives will become exactly the way we want to live. They just mention that the ancient times like Saint John or whoever have contacted God, or Moses have seen God, and then he gets blessed and then he has wisdom, etc, etc.

But the Bible or the Scriptures did not tell us how to get the wisdom the way Moses did. Jesus had meditated in the desert for 40 days, similar with Mohammed, and similar with the Buddha, similar with Mohammed, etc. There are endless of masters since ancient times. I cannot mention them all. But they all have to go through a process of contemplating for a long time in everyday life in order to contact this god, and contact God inside of us.

Here Jesus is reduced to one of many enlightened masters like all the gurus before her, this position is nothing new. Nowhere does it say in the Bible he meditated like she is teaching in the desert, so one wonders where she received this information. By demoting Jesus she exalts herself. Of course her belittling the Bible is no surprise from one who opposes Jesus and puts herself in the place of God. She is a walking contradiction when it comes to spiritual knowledge.

The Bible itself says it was inspired by God directly influencing men to write and communicate what was said perfectly 1Tim. So in my experience that God has shown me, there is no mystery about how to know God. Exactly the experience that written in the Bible, like if Moses had seen God as a big bush of flame, if other things had heard God like the sound of many waters, we can experience exactly the same like that.

And more, more, more, more, more. Similar to us, if we are, if we will be transmitted, this god-power all will be rekindled, this existing power within us again, then we can also experience Heaven while we are living in this planet. She ignore the fact that Moses was specifically picked for a huge task and what he experienced was unusual and not normal. Very few prophets have experiences like this. What I find even more contradictory is that she says she is God, as is everyone once they discover their true self.

Yet she needs an interpreter for languages, something that God would not need. Sometimes she does not understand the questions at times and answers wrong. Everything else she states proves it is only her personal opinion. That is a short answer. If you want a long one, I can talk for two or years, from the beginning of the universe until the end. You see, we are all children of God. E ket hon dau nam cuoi nam Vay ma su viec xay ra thang3 nam Va gan day e lai thay ho l. Bay jo long e rat boi.

E cuoi nam den nay nhung cuoc song vk ck e ko dc hp e da co mot con trai 1tuoi. Chao moi nguoi! Moi nguoi cho e hoi cuoc song gia dinh e nhieu mau thuan.

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