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I remember having to do this to install Netscape or the Gimp. Struggling with dependencies between applications using different versions of the same libraries. Creating symbolic links from newer library versions to an older library version required by a single application. Otherwise, I might as well be running a Slackware Linux distro from ! Do yourselves a favor and use a package manager such as Macports or Homebrew and avoid manually downloading, compiling and installing software.

But if for some reason you have to do it, change the default path via the.

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It is simple, easy, AND official. It delivers what you want only: Turns out with Lion or Mountain Lion in my case you have to do it a little differently. Install Xcode 2. Launch Xcode, authorize it and so on 3. This was perfect. Thanks a lot, that was quick. Kind of dumb question but… how to uninstall? Or is it anything else that needs removal? This worked great for me. I wasted so much time trying to install wget before I found your instructions, but nothing else seemed to work. Thanks so much! Thanks for this guide.

Any idea what i could be doing wrong guys?

Wget download and install (osx)

I installed x-code, macports, and command line tools already. Worked perfectly on Mountain Lion. The more recent wget version 1. Successfully compiled the latest wget v. Super helpful, thanks for this. I was looking for a way to do wget in terminal and first thing you show is curl -O which did the trick but followed ur instructions anyway , now I got wget!

Very good and easy to use instructions! I can confirm that this is working on OS X Yosemite with wget version 1. How do you update this to version 1. Follow the same steps but under the 1.

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  • Install wget in Mac OS X Without Homebrew or MacPorts.
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Your instructions for getting wget worked perfectly for me until I got to the step: Build the source: Though I have not bothered to commit all 1, unix commands to memory; hence my unfamiliarity with make. I hear that memorizing unix commands and their synatax is a known, sure, drug-free cure for insomnia… I have no difficulty sleeeeping…. The pkg-config script could not be found or is too old. See the pkg-config man page for more details.

You had a custom installation of libssl? Using the os x Copy and paste my previous example did not work because the. It should look like this without quotes: Not going to say I am too familiar with the details, but certainly have enough technical knowledge.

How to install wget on your Mac

Hi Garth, thank you for your suggestion. I would like to say this wget I have just wget to my company site for downloading something and it just works, while I am also suffering from above problem. I was able to successfully compile wget 1. After this successful.

Install wget in Mac OS X Without Homebrew or MacPorts

So it seems we need the OpenSSL source. I got the tar. This is free software: You are the best! Should definetly update this blog post and all the others on the internet about this. For me, it worked like this: By the way, as of February , wget version 1. You can grab it with curl -O http: Nope, he is getting syntax errors because the double-quotes included in the instructions further back in the thread were back-to-front:. Unfortunately, the way the double quotes are presented there, and how they copy across into the terminal means that the environment variables are not set correctly.

Just copy the lines above and edit the quotes to use the one on your keyboard and all should be well…. All fail as follows: Fallback to builtin cookie checking. Summary of build options:. Valgrind testing not enabled Metalink: Tpo -c -o openssl. This is what I used note I used wget I downloaded openssl 1. I could have compiled each set of instructions into one line each but that would kill readability. I now have current versions of both openssl and wget with the ability to compile other apps without undue stress.

Gotta say… I followed a million different leads on this comment page to no avail and then installed wget in a total of 5 seconds by installing brew which also took 5 seconds.

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  6. Setting the various flags suggested above does not change this. I assume that Apple has removed files now that openssl is deprecated. I wish I had just scrolled to the bottom and installed brew first. Also as a warning: The tar command and cd commands. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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    • How to Install wget in OS X?

    Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: NiX says: May 22, at Will says: May 22, at 1: May 23, at 1: Floris says: May 22, at 8: Onerti says: May 23, at 8: James says: May 23, at 4: May 24, at Drew says: June 12, at Noogrub says: July 12, at 6: Randy says: July 28, at 8: August 17, at Robyn says: August 23, at VL says: February 12, at Patrick says: August 24, at 7: Joe Doe says: September 23, at 8: Gene says: October 3, at 5: October 6, at 4: Massimiliano says: October 11, at 8: Singham says: December 5, at 1: Justus Beyer says: December 6, at 6: Simon says: January 4, at 3: January 15, at 4: January 16, at 9: Sergio says: March 18, at 1: DewaKoding says: January 19, at Also, wget is available via both MacPorts and Fink.

    I came here from a Google search on how to get wget on Mac, so despite the OP's requirement to avoid installation of 3rd party software, I'll provide a link to a quick guide I found on how to install wget without using MacPorts for future reference. It's also available on Homebrew.

    What Does Homebrew Do?

    Doesn't seem to follow forwards. For downloading files you can use -O or --remote-name flag to auto rename downloaded file. If you can't or don't want to use homebrew, you could also: Install wget manually: Eric Hartford Eric Hartford 8, 2 25 You might take a moment to explain homebrew, but it's important that there be a newbie-visible wget answer here since the only other one was deleted by it's owner, and curl is an alternative rather than a literal equivalent.

    Thanks, this was helpful to me as someone with brew already installed. Michaelangelo And that is not your job to vandalize others' posts. You should not be editing other answers to make your own points - that's inappropriate. In fact, the actions are being discussed on Meta: EricHartford Down-voting doesn't solve the problem.

    It provided one alternative, without listing the other option of how to manually install wget. I like how he uses curl to manually install wget. Curl has a mode that is almost equivalent to the default wget. Ed Henderson Ed Henderson 6 3. You can use bash to add this into a loop like this: Sometimes you'll need to add the -L flag to follow location redirects.

    wget Precompiled Mac Binary

    Zizouz 3, 5 28 Eamon Straughn Eamon Straughn 3 2. Liked this way: Better than an alias. Almost correct. Use curl ; curl http: Oliver Schafeld Oliver Schafeld 9, 2 11 Instead of going with equivalent, you can try "brew install wget" and use wget. You need to have brew installed in your mac. Jaya Konduru Jaya Konduru 2 4. Not gonna downvote, but this is a dupe of Eric's answered Jun 13 ' You can either build wget on the mac machine or use MacPorts to install it directly.

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